Tell your friends about Edgewater Towers, St Kilda, 2017

Edgewater Towers, St Kilda, 2017

Description : None

NRN # : 000-3560-0145-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 20.32 cm X Width - 25.40 cm )

TYPE : Photograph

Medium on Base : None Entered

Genre : Other

Status : For Sale

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Copyright : © Michael Kluge

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Michael’s work as a photographer centres on making images that explore the ordinary and everyday objects, people, places we find around us - things often overlooked or taken for granted. Through his exploration and examination of his familiar environment Michael seeks to refocus our attention on those things that we have become visually immune to – hoping to reveal them in ways we may not have seen before.

Artshow: CCP Salon 2017
Title: Unreal Flowers, Ripponlea, 2017
Award: Best Work by a CCP Member
Sponsor: Marion Boyce Costume Design Award
Prize: $250.00










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