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Frottage in the Cemetery

Author: Marty Hirst - Date Thu May 2020

"Frottage!" What a lovely French word. You can really feel it on your tongue when you say it. To pronounce it properly, with the deliciousness it deserves, you really have to get every part of your mouth involved. "Ffff" with the top teeth firmly biting down on the bottom lip; "rho", from the back of the throat; "t!" tongue on the top palate; the sighing "ahh" and then "ghgghghg". It is a damn sexy word and sounds a bit naughty.

But enough of that. It's also lovely word in the art world and the fun thing is that it is just that little bit dirty too.

I spent a couple of hours this week in my local cemetery taking frottages from some of  the headstones.

These are test pieces for a major work in my print-making class. Because of the coronavirus lockdown school is physically closed, but we are learning virtually.

I'm not sure exactly what my final piece will be, but I think it will have a memento mori theme.

After all, I don't want to waste a trip to the cemetery.

You can see a full collection of my cemetery rubbings here.

Print-making in the pandemic

Author: Marty Hirst - Date Thu May 2020

I've been busy in the studio. These works are an investigation of printing techniques 'in situ' using what I have in my studio which does not include a press.
These are various sizes from A4 to A2. Works on paper. The theme is 'memento mori'-- a consideration of your/our own mortality.
You can see a full display of these prints and collages here

Author: John Whittam - Date Mon Jun 2020


Author: Frances Phelan - Date Mon Jul 2020

As the moon twinkles down

And touchers her fallen tears

She reaches into her mind

And searches for the divine

As the petals fall so delicately

And decorate the ground

Her heart beats lightly

Quieter than sound

Darkness of her life

Haunting but right

Her spirit  so free

Her soul she can't flee



poet Frances Phelan 2012

Watercolour discussion

Author: Szczepan Urbanowicz - Date Fri Jul 2020

A recent watercolour painting of mine. I produced this as a LIVE - REAL-TIME watercolour painting session on Youtube recently. I'm really starting to enjoy landscapes. I am working with colours that harmonise my sensitivities to changing light conditions and this piece is another step along the way. regards szcz

Out of the ashes

Author: Jacqui Reid - Date Sat Jul 2020

Out of the ashes is a work in progress series that honors the wildlife that was lost during the 2019-2020 bushfires in East Gippsland. Our property was effected and the bush that surrounded us was burnt out, a handfull of kangaroos, some birds and a young female fox is all that came out of the bush during the days that followed the 31st of December 2019.  

I have used charcoal and ash from the fires in each of the paintings, Iv'e also used matisse structure acrylic paints, inks and dyes. I love to use a multitude of mediums, you never know what's going to react with what. 

This image is of a young female kangaroo that was badly burnt, we watched her make her way to the dam, shortly after we decided to go check on her and unfortunatly she had to be put down. This painting is to remember her, rest in peace my little friend. 

Hustle and Bustle

Author: Frances Phelan - Date Mon Jul 2020

The hustle and the bustle

of the city and its lights

Of a mind always open 

to the colours that bring life.

The sparkles and the dazles

of the flowers and the gems.

The purchase of creations

Wine and food by loving friends.

The traffic and the businesses

cars, people and the tills.

Buses carrying hopes and dreams

to reuions and big chills

Pictures of memoires

kept for everymore.

A moment of nothing

brings forgiveness to the door.

Strangers that dont know

our land or its truth.

But want to learn for keepsake

for stories for their youth.

Dreams are bought

Dreams are sold.

Like a wind it passes through

The hustle and the bustle

of the city and it's tills.


poet Frances Phelan 2016

Published in International Artist magazine 8 pages

Author: Lance Ross - Date Thu Oct 2019

Solos Exhbition-Landscape Narratives

Author: Penelope Oates - Date Thu Jul 2020

I have a solo show that will open at the Milk Factory Gallery in Bowral NSW this July on the 16th that will run through to August the 16th. All of the works available will be online on the gallery's website under my name. This is a great spacious gallery set in the picturesque town of Bowral in the Southern Highlands. All works can also be purchased directly from the gallery online with free delivery to anywhere in Australia. I will also be posting all the images of works (20 odd all up) on my personal website.

My transformations in Amsterdam Rijksmuseum

Author: Dorith Candy - Date Fri May 2020


Click on hyperlink and visit my Amsterdam Museum entries.

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