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Annalisa Agresta (1)



My Bio: I am an emerging artist who has been learning to paint by following and purchasing online tutorials and classes. I am now taking my artistic talent to...
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Charlie Albright (43)



My Bio: Charlie Albright is an Adelaide-based multi-disciplinary creative visual artist. She is passionate about colour, colour combinations and nature. You c...
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Bushiejohn Alcock (17)



My Bio: I am Biological Abstractionist with a truly unique style which comes from my deep and profond spiritual connection with the land .I have always been i...
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Jo Allen (53)




Delphine Allert




Monika Alston (14)



My Bio: Monika Alston is an emerging Melbourne based abstract acrylic artist.  Born in 1958, she majored in Art Theory - Bachelor of Arts at La Trobe Uni...
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Meri Andric (18)



Currently showing at:
The Linden Postcard Show 2019


My Bio: I'm a full time artist with a home studio in western Sydney. As a survivor of war, my work is deeply emotional and influenced by contrasting experienc...
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Lynette Anstey (47)



My Bio: Lyn Anstey is an accomplished artist who won her first art prize at age 7. Lyn has since held solo and joint exhibitions and has won a number of award...
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Alison Aplin (28)



My Bio: ALISON APLIN ART Alison is a multi-award winning landscape designer, so design is in her blood. She has come to the art world as a mature artist, but ...
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553 artists published: Showing artist 1 - 12