For Art Show Organisers

Would you like to set up a brand new art show or are you just tired of all the complexities and hassles in running a successful art show?  Get the feeling that there must be a better way?

Gallery 247 was designed and built, and is managed by people with extensive hands-on experience in running successful art shows.

Here are 5 great reasons for your art show to join others who already rely on the powerful Gallery 247 art show management platform.


1 Easily manage your show

  • Automatically generate your show catalogue information.
  • Much more time to produce your printed catalogue.
  • Gallery 247 allows you to produce your catalogue much earlier - or later if you prefer.
  • Incredibly simple to preview, assess and accept submitted works.
  • Powerful real time judging panel voting system to preview and accept/reject entries on line.
  • Pre-allocate hanging and display areas before works arrive - reduces multiple handling of received works.
  • Lightning fast receiving system makes it easy to accept, receive and return unsold works.
  • Access to experienced team of art show professionals, including graphic designers for your promotional material and catalogue.
  • Instant access to professional judges from our directory of judges.
  • Built in online opening night invitation, booking and ticket sales service.


2 Make your show more successful

  • Increase profits and raise more funds.
  • Reduce operating and management costs.
  • Offer better value to your show sponsors and supporters through more effective marketing and publicity.
  • Participate in the Gallery 247 user group forum to keep up with the latest techniques and strategies that make your art show more successful.
  • Pre-selection process results in improved show quality.
  • Enjoy a dramatically expanded search engine presence.
  • Sell works on line for the show's duration.
  • Access a large stable of interested artists.


3 Keep track of your show’s finances

  • Real time reporting on sales, entries, GST and commissions.
  • Automatically notify artists when their work has been sold.
  • Built-in payment services to manage entries, tickets and sales.
  • Maintain a permanent financial and visual archive of each show.
  • Receive payment for sales in real time.
  • Automatic management of artists’ GST status.


4 Promote your show

  • Includes a professionally designed website that you can update and maintain yourself.
  • Benefit from free publicity to our extensive stable of member artists and art lovers.
  • Receive extensive free publicity to our database of art lovers and patrons.
  • Achieve high visibility on internet search engines.
  • Create, edit and distribute newsletters to your own database of artists, patrons and prospects.
  • Automatically publicise a preview gallery of what works will be on display in your show.
  • Easy connections to social media.


5 Artists will love participating

  • Make your show more attractive to artists, sponsors and visitors.
  • Make it really easy and attractive for artists to enter your show.
  • Artists can submit works with our unique one-click on line entry system.
  • Virtual framing wizard means that artists can submit works without the expense of framing.
  • Accepted works result in greatly increased search engine exposure for artists.
  • No more bad PR and disappointed artists - you can safely guarantee that all accepted works will be hung or displayed.

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