Money Back Guarantee and Returns Policy

Gallery 247 provide a money back guarantee on all on line purchases of works of art.  You have 10 days from the date of dispatch in which to return the items in question to obtain your refund. Click here to go straight to our return request form.


What’s covered

General coverage, that applies to all works:

  • The item you receive differs materially from its photograph(s) on our website.
  • The photograph on our website clearly misrepresents the item you have received.
  • The item you receive is significantly different in size and/or weight from that published on our website.  Note that published overall sizes of framed works are approximate.
  • Damage to the work itself.
  • Delivery of an incorrect work, i.e. a work that you did not order.
  • In the event of a replacement or repair, re-shipment of the item(s) in question.

For paintings, fine art photographs, signed prints, sketches and other such works

Items described under General Coverage, plus:

  • Damage to the frame
  • Warping, twisting or other distortion
  • Ill fitted frame

For sculpture, carvings and such works

Items described under General Coverage, plus:

  • Separation of the work from its mounting base (if applicable)

For jewellery

Items described under General Coverage

For fabrics

Items described under General Coverage

For ceramics and pottery

Items described under General Coverage


What’s not covered

  • This guarantee does not cover you changing your mind.
  • Wearable items that have been used.
  • Minor differences in colour between the item’s photograph on our website and what you actually receive.  Because of the inherent limitations of computer screens and whatever equipment was used to take the photograph, we cannot guarantee accurate representation of colours
  • Malicious damage.
  • Damage incurred through faulty or inadequate return packaging.


What’s refunded

We refund the full purchase price of the item, less freight costs where they have been separately specified.


What’s not refunded

  • Return freight costs
  • Return packaging costs



How do you claim

To return an item please call one of our Customer Service Representatives for help or fill out our return request form within 10 days of  the despatch date of the faulty item.  If the packaging itself has been damaged to the point that you suspect that its contents too have been damaged, please take a photograph of that damage before you open the package.

Re-package the work of art in its original packaging or equivalent. Gallery 247 will provide you with shipping instructions for the return of the item/s in question.

We ask you to provide, where possible:

  • Photographic evidence of damage to the packaging, in case we need to recover costs from the carrier;
  • Photographic evidence showing that what you received differs materially from what was published in Gallery 247 by the artist
  • The Gallery 247 national identity number that is affixed to the work (does not apply to jewellery and fabrics)
  • Description of the damaged work, or a Gallery 247 tax invoice, or the Gallery 247 tax invoice number.  These will enable us to accurately identify the item/s in question.
  • Details of when the item was delivered to you, such as date and delivery note number;
  • Photographic evidence of damage to the item you have purchased;
  • Description of the damage.


Gallery 247’s rights

Gallery 247 do not stock any items - all works of art are shipped by the artist concerned to directly to you, either personally by the artist or using professional and insured carriers.

All artists who sell on line through Gallery 247 agree to abide by these money-back guarantee provisions.  For your protection, money you have paid is held by Gallery 247 in trust until the money back period has expired.  When you notify us of a return, we do not release payment to the artist concerned until satisfactory resolution of your particular claim.

Gallery 247 will only refund money into the account from which the purchase was originally made.  We will notify you by email that the refund has been made.

In the unlikely event that you are not fully satisfied, contact us, setting out the details of your complaint, and we endeavour to mediate on your behalf.

Whilst Gallery 247 will endeavour to resolve any dispute arising between you and the artist who created the work you have purchased on line, we have no obligation to actually settle that dispute if it continues.  Gallery 247 may recommend that you seek resolution through other means.

Shipping Included on ALL Artwork

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