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Setup + $2.42 per Week

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Setup + $6.27 per Week



Number of displayed works in your personal gallery (automatically selected from your gallery) 2 20 Unlimited! info.gif
Number of works you can upload into your personal gallery Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited info.gif
Online virtual studio with unlimited image storage space yes.png yes.png yes.png  
One-click entry to participating art shows yes.png yes.png yes.png  
Subscription to "Impressions", our information newsletter about the art world, as well as art show alerts and reminders yes.png yes.png yes.png  
Automatic pre-registration for all participating art shows yes.png yes.png yes.png  
Secure login to members-only area yes.png yes.png yes.png  
Automatic registration of all works in the National Registry of Australian Art and Artists (NRAAA) yes.png yes.png yes.png  
Receive instant notification when your work is sold in a participating art show yes.png yes.png yes.png  
Low sales commissions (Refer to pricelist) yes.png yes.png yes.png info.gif
Get found on Google easier, faster and more often than having your own website yes.png yes.png yes.png  


Sell your works on line   yes.png yes.png  
Art lovers can preview your work with our View-at-Home tool   yes.png yes.png info.gif
Create and display your own bio on line   yes.png yes.png info.gif
Create and display artist notes on each work   yes.png yes.png info.gif
Publicise your career as an artist, showing sold works, awards, prizes and art show history.   yes.png yes.png  
Automatic notification to registered art lovers of your new works that meet their criteria   yes.png yes.png info.gif
Enhanced Artist Profile Page with Banner, Social Media links, Bio and Search Function   yes.png yes.png info.gif
Artwork in the FEATURED art work online gallery yes.png yes.png
Multiple Images for artwork   yes.png yes.png
Artist in the FEATURED Australian Artist listing yes.png yes.png
Create your own Art Blog yes.png yes.png
Priority placement of your work in the Gallery 247 online gallery yes.png yes.png


Designate where a potential customer can visit and see your work on display     yes.png   
Super Low Commission Rate on Sales     yes.png info.gif
Eligible for selection to be included in our Featured Artists gallery     yes.png  
Eligible for inclusion in our exclusive newsletter to registered art lovers yes.png
Advanced listing in the NRAAA Directory     yes.png  
Listing in the Teachers, Judges, Demonstrator and Commissioned Works Directory     yes.png  
Promote your personal exhibitions in the Gallery 247 calendar     yes.png info.gif
Ability to make and promote Collections of your Art work     yes.png info.gif



Membership Pricing

This pricing applies to paid grades of membership. 





Weekly subscription, payable monthly in advance by debit authority [Amount payable per month] Free $2.42
Once-only set-up charge (including website construction where applicable). Free $55.00 $55.00
Commission payable - see notes 3 and 4. This does not apply to sales made at an art show. See note 4 25% 20%
Transaction fees NIL NIL NIL
Upgrade to Plus membership $55.00 n/a n/a
Upgrade to Professional Membership $55.00 $55.00 n/a




  1. All prices are shown in Australian Dollars, and include GST.
  2. Art show entry and submission fees are payable at the time you enter the show concerned, and vary depending on the event itself.
  3. Commissions are deducted prior to remittance being made to you.
  4. Offline sales negotiated on your behalf via Gallery 247 are subject to a commission of 30%.
  5. Monthly fees are payable by your standing authority for credit card payment.
  6. Where you are unable to provide credit card authorisation, you may arrange to pay annually in advance by direct deposit or cheque.  Your service will not be activated until payment has cleared.
  7. Please refer to our Standard Terms and Conditions for additional information.


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