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Sussex Hen & Chickens

Description : Sussex hen and chickens; a favoured domestic pet/animal for house holds across Australia. I love 'em too.

NRN # : 000-35837-0397-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 42.50 cm X Width - 52.50 cm )

Medium on Base : Watercolour on Paper

Genre : Animals

Status : For Sale


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Copyright : © Trevor Hancox


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Thanks for looking at my Bio.

With a lifetime interst in art, music, community service and my work, there was not much time for painting with watercolour, which I love.

A medical event and Retirement afforded me time to 'do art' again. I found it both therapeutic and very satisfying.

I paint in the realism and Impressionist genres, to which some subjects have include, a comedic Zing. 

Exhibiting regularly in community exhibitions sees the works offered for sale where gladly they have recieved many awards. 

I delight in creating images using watercolours as you never quite know what you'll get.  Thanks for checking in here and I hope you enjoy my works too.      

Cheers  Trevor.

Prize: $50
Artshow: Kapunda gallery \"New beginnings\' Exhibition.
Award: People\'s choice
Sponsor: Port Art Suppleis
Prize: $50
Artshow: Kapunda Gallery summer Exhibition
Award: Highly Commended
Artshow: Hills Art Collective Nov 2017
Award: People\'s choice Award
Sponsor: Mt Barker Hotel
Prize: $100
Artshow: Royal Addelaide Show 2017
Award: 1st Prize watercolour landscapes
Sponsor: RAS
Prize: 25
Artshow: Royal Adelaide Show 2017
Award: 1st Prize Study in oils/acrylics
Sponsor: RAS
Prize: $25
Artshow: Royal Adelaide Show 2017
Award: 2nd prize Any other artwork
Sponsor: RAS
Prize: 10
Artshow: Callington show
Award: 1st Prize Collage
Artshow: Peterborough Art Prize 2019
Award: People\'s choice Award
Sponsor: Peterborough Art Prize 2019
Prize: 100
Artshow: Royal Adelaide Show 2019
Award: Best Watercolour
Sponsor: RAS
Prize: $25
Artshow: Royal Adelaide show 2019
Award: Overall Best in Art section
Sponsor: RAS
Prize: $25
Artshow: Summer exhibition
Award: Overall Best in exhibition
Sponsor: D Fitzpatric award
Prize: $100
Artshow: Summer History Exhibition - Kapunda
Award: Overall Best in exhibition
Sponsor: Bruce Fitzpatrick Memorial Award
Prize: $100
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