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In The Flinders Ranges

Description : A composition of features in the Wilpena region in the Southern Flinders Ranges. S.A.

NRN # : 000-35837-0188-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 47.00 cm X Width - 57.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Watercolour on Paper

Genre : Landscape

Status : For Sale

PRIZES : Royal Addelaide Show 2017 - 1st Prize watercolour landscapes Prize - 25


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Copyright : © Trevor Hancox


Framed: $350
Un-Framed: $225
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2021 Artist Profile  TREVOR HANCOX

Thank you for looking at my profile.

Since retirement, I have had the pleasure of progressing a lifelong interest in art.

I paint using oils, acrylics, bees wax and Watercolours, the latter is my preferred medium. I love watercolours.

The challenge of watercolours is a bit like living in a sometime uncontrollable world; You can't always predict outcomes. So it is with watercolours, However, I do find much satisfaction illustrating the Australian landscape, nature and my surroundings, in the realism and impressionist genres.They afford such a wide range of inspiration and challenge as subjects.

Encouraged by exhibition awards and people's choice prizes, I exhibit successflly, at many community based exhibitions and art shows. 

As an artist of the Adelaide Hills my watercolours hang in private collections in some 18 countries and all Australian States and Territories.   I have conducted solo charity exhibitions in five states, taught watercolours, conducted workshops and been an artist in residence.

 I am a member of the South Australian Watercolour Society, the Painters of the Flinders Ranges,  Mt. Barker's, Hills Art Collective and the Kapunda Community Gallery.

My studio/gallery is open (by appointment) to individuals and for community group visits.

I hope you enjoy viewing my works and.... Thank you for your interest....  Trevor HANCOX

Prize: $50
Artshow: Kapunda gallery \"New beginnings\' Exhibition.
Award: People\'s choice
Sponsor: Port Art Suppleis
Prize: $50
Artshow: Kapunda Gallery summer Exhibition
Award: Highly Commended
Artshow: Hills Art Collective Nov 2017
Award: People\'s choice Award
Sponsor: Mt Barker Hotel
Prize: $100
Artshow: Royal Addelaide Show 2017
Title: In The Flinders Ranges
Award: 1st Prize watercolour landscapes
Sponsor: RAS
Prize: 25
Artshow: Royal Adelaide Show 2017
Award: 1st Prize Study in oils/acrylics
Sponsor: RAS
Prize: $25
Artshow: Royal Adelaide Show 2017
Award: 2nd prize Any other artwork
Sponsor: RAS
Prize: 10
Artshow: Callington show
Award: 1st Prize Collage
Artshow: Peterborough Art Prize 2019
Award: People\'s choice Award
Sponsor: Peterborough Art Prize 2019
Prize: 100
Artshow: Royal Adelaide Show 2019
Award: Best Watercolour
Sponsor: RAS
Prize: $25
Artshow: Royal Adelaide show 2019
Award: Overall Best in Art section
Sponsor: RAS
Prize: $25
Artshow: Summer exhibition
Award: Overall Best in exhibition
Sponsor: D Fitzpatric award
Prize: $100
Artshow: Summer History Exhibition - Kapunda
Award: Overall Best in exhibition
Sponsor: Bruce Fitzpatrick Memorial Award
Prize: $100










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