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Description : Limited Edition Print. Mounted on foam core and printed on 300 gsm rag paper.

NRN # : 000-3106-0164-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 20.00 cm X Width - 25.00 cm x Depth 0.50cm) - Weight 0.10kg

TYPE : Prints

Medium on Base : Print

Genre : No Genre Entered

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"When passion meets inspiration, an obsession is born"

This anonymous quote describes my life as an artist.

Art is my passion and my obsession, without a paintbrush in my hand I feel incomplete as a person. I rarely seek inspiration it just appears for me in my everyday experiences and emotions, it can be in a conversation, a memory, a beach walk or simply meandering across my property in the Dandenong Ranges where there is an abundance of wildlife, farm animals and flora. Consequently, I am always painting.

My love of wildlife and domestic animals compels me to bring them to life on canvas, focusing on realistic depictions of the animal's individual physical characteristics but more importantly their essence, which may take many hours during the creating process before I feel emotionally connected.

As an artist and a person who loves detail, I am continually exploring different techniques, tools and mediums for my wildlife paintings. I need to know the intricate form of an animal or bird before I begin to paint and when observation isn't possible, I refer to my visual library or online resources for the anatomy, its wings or fur colouring, length and texture. I apply the same approach to my flower paintings.

My style changes with my emotions, inspirations and the subject, one piece will be intracately detailed while another will be broad carefree brushstrokes in vivid colours. The choice of medium is dependant on the subject.

My obsession will continue until I can no longer pick up a paintbrush, forget what a paintbrush is or lose the ability to see what I am painting.


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