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Street Of Hope

Description : ORIGINAL ARTWORK donated to the RFDS Royal Flying Doctor Service for their 2021 Fundraising Auction. Sue started this work whilst unable to see after surgery. Many years ago back in Germany Sue had the luck to spend some weekends in the School for the Blind where she learned to sharpen her senses and learned that blindness is no reason to give up life. Originally a multi international awarded photographer she met at an event 2020 a young blind photographer but it needed an emergency and a Code Blue to remember this events, and after recovery there was hope, so she put the canvas out again which she started during the stage of not being able to see and over several weeks and still not seeing properly applied with her hands the blue street of hope. Reading glasses made her in January 2021 confident enough to paint the eye by brush, and to finalise the artwork. Now she hopes that this work gives someone else hope and faith even in dire straits!

NRN # : 000-43409-0136-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 102.00 cm X Width - 77.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Acrylic on Canvas

Genre : Humanity

Status : Sold


Copyright : © Sue Smith


Has not shown at any Art Shows

Sue Smith Artist Biography


Sue Smith is an South Australian multi award-winning photographer and Artist. Her original works of Art are inspired by colour, light and nature. Her subjects include animals, land and water; environmental, social issues and emotions.


Growing up in Germany Sue was first introduced to a camera by her father at four years of age. His architectural and engineering background inspired many of Sue’s subjects, and their shared love of nature, water and ships are also visible in many of her popular works. Her father remains a primary influence in both: her photographic and artistic styles, and Sue continues to follow his philosophy to this day: “Keep focused! When you like it fancy create an Abstract.”


Sue’s professional career took place on both sides of a camera. Unfortunatelythis was put on hold when a tragic traffic accident left her wheelchair-bound and in a rehabilitation clinic for a long time. While there, she was befriended by an established watercolour artist who became her mentor and teacher for painting.

Throughout her rehabilitation, Sue worked with artistic mediums such as watercolours on rice paper and graphical crayon. While she tried working with oils, she found that the fumes bothered her lungs. Sue’s first painting, a large maritime scene, was purchased while still wet by a business owner who was visiting a friend at the clinic. A friend of her mentor took many of her pieces to an Art Gallery in Paris where they were sold.


Many years later Sue emigrated to South Australia, became a proud citizen, and continued her career. However, the healing she experienced through art was again in full force in 2008, when she sustained an accident at work that left her with multiple severe, mobility-restricting disabilities. Sue drew on these personal experiences when she opened her ASSP Gallery Port Adelaide in 2015. Through her work at the gallery, she used her knowledge of the arts and her experience with mental health issues to encourage people of all ages to express their emotions and feelings on paper and canvas.



While she entered into semi-retirement in early 2018, that March, Sue’s watercolour “Journey of The Soul,” an original watercolour painting, earned against 952 other artists a Special Merit Award in the Abstracts Art Competition by the online Art Gallery Light Space Time in California, America. This work was part of their following Exhibition.


Sue currently works with watercolours, acrylics, pens, crayons and sometimes a mix of them on different carrier mediums. She also does Fluid Paintings, and sometimes craft projects. Many of Sue’s works are triggered by emotions but all have in common that they are colourful and give a happy, positive feeling so as also her Kids room works.


While Sue’s gallery featured her own work, it was also a way for her to showcase other local artists and encourage others to express their emotions through art. This became a passion and launched her into other roles such as curator, supervisor and artist manager.


Despite reaching end of 2021 the number 70 she is still participating in Arts Festivals, Art Shows, exhibitions online and at hired venues and competitions; she is also looking forward to to the new website to sell her works not only at shows, regulars and word-to-mouth clients but also around the world in the convenience of her home.


Unfortunately Sue has had a number of health issues throughout her life. Having survived leukaemia, skin cancers, tumours, traffic accidents, domestic violences, eye surgeries, etc. she is dedicated to support the RFDS Royal Flying Doctor Service, Care Flight, and other organisations that support people in need in donating parts of proceeds from art- and photography sales.


All of Sue’s works come with a service pack which includes the Certificate of Authenticity, the story which triggered the artwork, details to the work, and much more.


In recent times Sue remembered her time as a freelance journalist and has taken up writing and publishing articles, excerpts of her short stories, and again her fans have urged her to share her remarkable story of ups and downs, health and sickness, of love and losses, the reality of domestic violence, depression, anxiety, PTSD, resilience and hope, in writing her autobiography which is in progress but currently stalls about lack of volunteers for support.



Sue also plans to continue writing her first novel about the first trade agreement between Aboriginal peoples and an English Captain, with drawings by herself. There is also a second novel in progress, telling about a time-traveller arriving on Colonel Light's Ship at ‘Port Misery’ in 1836, the challenges he is facing, the coming home after decades to find The Port a ghost town. How does he handle the lack of life – no birds or even a Port River dolphin? Intrigued? Stay tuned for news on her progress!

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