Artist Bio: Penelope Oates

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Artist Bio - Penelope Oates

BA of Fine Arts (COFA)

BA of Dramtic Art in Design (NIDA)

Diploma of Education (UWS)

Gallery Representation:

KAB Gallery

Manyung Galleries

The MIlk Factory Gallery

Affiliated galleries:

Purple Noon Gallery

Gallery ONE88

Penelope is a Sydney based represented artist who works from her studio on a rural property in the Hawkesbury area of the lower Blue Mountains in NSW. She has a long history with the arts having completed a BA if Fine art in Sydney at COFA in her late teens, then follwing on with another BA in Dramatic Arts majoring in set and costume design at the prestigous National dram school NIDA which she finished in her mid twenties. Several years followed where she worked freelance as a designer, educational book illustrator and concept illustrator before finally taking the plunge into teaching art. For 15 years Penelope taught art to students from all walks of life and across various age groups until she reached a point where she could give no more and was financially set up enough decided to be completely indulgent thereby plunging herself fully into the development of her own practice as an artist.

Penelope's work is characterized by a unique approach to mark making whereby she uses a soldering iron to etch into the surface of timber, MDF or even canvas where she is able to remove layers of acrylic paint to reveal carying colours underneath. This technique gives her surface a distinctive tapestry-like effect through the various intricate lines she creates as she builds up the texure,depth and detail of her images. Penelope works intuitively and is more interested in taking the viewere into a world where the mood and imagery they see before them is suggestive rather than didactic of a place. Memory, intutition and emotion play a lead role in all her works, the landscape becomes more of a backdrop or scene up which the drama take place.

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