Artist Bio: Pauline O Sullivan

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Artist Bio - Pauline O Sullivan

Pauline Barca is Melbourne born artist, designer/artisan, now living in Adelaide who is expert in working across multiple mediums, including acrylics, resin, mosaic sculptures, and water colour.  Working mainly on unique one-off pieces, but also on larger scale residential and commercial art. 

Pauline’s expertise and artisan approach has been honed over a lifetime; and includes formal qualifications in design, drawing, art media, colour theory, principles and elements of design, water colour techniques to name a few……… coupled with, and of equal significance, thousands of hours of experiential learning and practice in various methods and techniques.

Pauline draws inspiration from multiple sources, including places visited, surroundings, experiences, media etc.,

Motivating her landscape pieces is a desire to ‘capture a moment of beauty’. This requires a well developed skill to create perspective through the correct use of colour value, and where appropriate some texture culminating in artwork which is pleasing to the eye.

Motivating her other pieces is, for the most part, the sheer delight gleaned by experimenting with different mediums and observing the resulting scientific reactions between these, hence adding the element of humanism to art not able to be generated by digital means. This results in the uniqueness of pieces that comprise the rest of her collection. 

Amongst some of Paulines favourite creations are her four gorgeous children and 7 delightful grandchildren. 

Pauline’s style of work has been described as eliciting such emotions as joy, fun, pleasure and calmness.

Pauline views the creation of art as the “sharing a part of myself in a given moment, that once having given me joy by it’s creation, can live on for the enjoyment of the viewer!” 

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