Artist Bio: Olgerts (Ollie) Laukirbe

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Artist Bio - Olgerts (Ollie) Laukirbe

Artist Olgerts (Ollie) Laukirbe has a long pedigree in art and graphic design and is increasingly being recognised and sought after for his creative work interpreting South Australia’s iconic imagery in an eclectic colourful style on canvas and quirky sculpture that delight the senses. 

Ollie is a graduate of the renowned Stanley Street School of Art at North Adelaide where his early art and creative focus saw him master the print industry.

His passion for the "heavens and seas” and how space, time and cosmos colours interact is now producing captivating colour canvases. His creativity with nature’s imagery is foiled by the spectacular earthy tones discovered during extensive air travel over Outback South Australia where he witnessed the effects of fire, floods, droughts and the human toll on our country.

Ollie’s passionate experiments with the turquoise colours of the sea, the beauty of Antarctica and storms that abound our coasts encompass his current passions – ethereal cloud formations, floods, the Coorong and the gorgeous greens and blues of coastal oceans.

Ollie represented Australia in the second Silk Road Special Exhibition Arts Festival for the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China at the People’s Government of Shaanxi Province. He also undertook a solo exhibition in Qingdao, China – Adelaide’s Sister City – at their Olympic Games Sailing Marina.

See my colours. Feel my heart. Experience my soul.

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