Security and your online photographs

Did you know that a stranger can easily track you down to your home, just from a photograph taken on your mobile phone or your iPad?

When you have geo-location enabled in your smart phone, iPad or tablet, precise information about where the photo was taken is stored with the actual image. That information also connects to a Google map that tells any stranger not only the precise location where you took the photo but gives them instructions on how to get there as well.

That additional data, including the type of camera, exposure, date and time is included in what's called "metadata". Before you publish images on the Internet it's wise - and safer - to purge the image of everything except the image itself.

The free online tool will remove the metadata when you save the image back to your computer. This option is excellent if you also need to edit of correct some aspects of your image. If your image is just as you want it, but you need to reduce file size as well as remove metadata, this free online tool is a better option for you.

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