How to be a successful artist on line using Gallery 247

Gallery 247 Dos - How to maximise Gallery 247 benefits

Add key words describing subject matter to your painting

Art lovers often look for paintings containing specific subject matter. Keywords describing subject matter are invaluable in helping them find your work. For example, the genre might be contemporary, the title might be "Dream Time" and contain seagulls on the shore.

Add keywords like "birds", "seaside" and "seagulls" so that when somebody is looking for such subject matter, your painting will appear.

Adding your name, the painting's genre or vague words such as "warm", "creative" and "inspired" are meaningless to a potential art lover searching to art.

Important: Do not add your own name, your painting's name, the medium you've used or the painting genre as keywords.

Add artist's notes to your painting

Artist notes add personality to your painting, as well telling a potential purchaser what your story, inspiration and perceptions were that lead to you painting the work.

Adjust significant colours

Many art lovers search for paintings based on colours that are suitable for their home or office decor. That's why we developed our smart colour locator.

Whenever you upload a painting into your virtual portfolio, Gallery 247 automatically analyses the image and extracts its dominant colours. However, if the photograph is under-exposed or includes unnecessary background the automatic colour analyser will extract colour information that's not necessarily in the painting itself.

That's why you might see grey or black as a colour, when they aren't actually in the painting.

Log in to Gallery 247, click on the painting's name, select the painting's properties and add / remove unwanted colours using the appropriate checkboxes.

Replace poor quality images

Poor quality images is the number one reason that art lovers and art shows are put off your painting. The most common elements of a poor quality image are:

  • Poor lighting, shadows and uneven lighting
  • Snapshots taken in a dark or dull area
  • Camera shake, caused by a slow shutter speed, in turn caused by low light
  • Dull colours and grey whites
  • Distorted images - angled and/or curved painting sides
  • Partial frame in the picture
  • Images that are too small
  • Reflections, flares and shadows
  • Unrelated, strongly coloured and unwanted backgrounds
  • Low-grade iPhone and smart phone images

Key thought for image quality - when the photograph is placed into Gallery 247, it represents the ONLY impression an art lover or art show organiser gets of your work. As the photographer, you are likely to see the painting rather than its picture, and you can easily miss seeing the photo as a stranger will see it.

To replace a poor image, log in to Gallery 247, locate the offending image and click on the image itself. Delete the existing image and replace it with a new, better one.

Important: Only delete the image - do NOT remove the entire painting listing.

Upgrade your membership

In between art shows, Gallery 247 is the easiest and most cost-effective way for you to promote your work, build your reputation and sell your paintings. It only costs you about half a cup of coffee per week to be able to sell online. What's more, you don't even need your own website.

If you're a professional artist you can also advertise any private exhibitions you might put on.

If you do training, take commissions, run demonstrations or judge art, Pro members can also promote those additional services.

As a Gallery 247 member you have the chance of being included in our Featured Artists section as well as in one of our personal or curated collections.

Add ALL your works to Gallery 247

Your personal virtual studio in Gallery 247 is a bit like a shoebox that's permanently on display, and from which you pick which paintings you want to enter into what art show.

The more paintings you load, the more you're visible on Google, the more you build your reputation and the more likely it is that an art lover will buy your work.

Include SOLD paintings in your virtual studio

Building your reputation as an artist is an important part of Gallery 247's value to you. One powerful way to do this is for you to include SOLD paintings in your online portfolio. Art lovers like to see that the art work they're considering is painted by a selling artist.

You don't have to sell a painting through Gallery 247 to legitimately mark it as sold.

Similarly, if you have photos of an artwork you sold some time ago, load them into your portfolio and mark them as SOLD.

You never know - you might even be asked to paint a similar one on commission.

Add prizes and awards to your works

If one of your paintings has won a prize, received an award or some other recognition, be proud of it and say so. Simply click on the painting's name after you log in, select Awards and add those that apply. Such awards are automatically added to your bio, and you'll be presented on Gallery 247 as a prize-winning artist.

Note that awards given by an art show that uses Gallery 247 are automatically attached to your painting and bio so you don't have to add them separately.

Just as with a selling artist, art purchasers like the idea that they're buying from an award-winning artist.

Promote your own web address

Get maximum benefit from the fact that as a Gallery 247 member you effectively have your own website. You can use your unique web address (URL) and put it on your business cards, on your email signature, on your social media and so on.

Typically - and assuming that your name is Susanne Jefferson - your personal web address will be something like

To locate your own address, go to the public gallery in Gallery 247 and click on the image of any of your paintings. From the detail screen place your mouse over your photograph, and you will see your exact URL in the notification bar on the bottom of your browser. This might not be visible in your particular browser, as it depends on browser settings.

Alternatively, right-click on your profile photo, select Copy Link Location after which you can paste the address into whatever you normally use for editing or into your email.

Another way is to click on your profile picture, which accesses your entire gallery as if you had your own website. Your personal address is then shown in the top address bar of your browser.

Tell your friends and your social media contacts you're on Gallery 247

Whenever you upload a new painting to Gallery 247, sold one at an art show, won an award or are simply announcing your web address, tell your friends and your social media contacts. The great thing about social media is that with any luck your contacts will tell their friends, too.

Make use of Gallery 247's Facebook page

While you're doing your own social media, visit Gallery 247's Facebook page ( and tell all of Gallery 247's followers about your successes. Add your Likes to other artists' works.

By participating in Gallery 247's Facebook page, not only are you extending your own reputation, you are becoming part of Gallery 247's growing supportive community of artists.

Of course, we'd love you to sing our praises, too.

Replace oversized images

There are two key reasons to replace oversized images.

Reason one is because large images take a long time to load onto a viewer's phone, tablet, computer or pad. Website visitors hate having to hang around, and if your large picture makes them wait they'll be frustrated.

Reason two is for your personal security and privacy. A large image is likely to have personal information stored as part of the image (refer to Security Considerations below).

If all you need to do is strip out superfluous information from your image and reduce its size, use the free online service

Update your bio

Your personal bio is the main way a potential purchaser has to get to know you as an artist, and more importantly as a person.

Do NOT attempt to apply fancy formatting to your bio.

Your bio is automatically shown in association with art shows, and is shown on Gallery 247 website for certain membership grades.

Note that any awards or prizes you've received from an art show using Gallery 247 will be automatically added to your bio.

Gallery 247 Don'ts - Things to avoid within Gallery 247

Here are a few things you should not do within Gallery 247

Do not compromise on photo quality

More than anything else, poor photograph quality will put off a potential purchaser or art show organiser. A poor image also conveys a message that you don't really care for your own work. Refer to the heading Replace poor quality images above.

Use only relevant keywords.

Irrelevant key words for your painting may work against you in getting found in Google. Words to avoid or that are completely unnecessary are your own name, words describing colour, words describing genre, abstract words like "warm" and "happy".

Keywords are intended and best used for subject matter in your painting so as to increase the ease with which your work will be found.

If you want to describe your painting more fully, use artist notes instead.

Avoid fancy formatting

You're trying to show off your painting and skill as an artist, not your skill with image manipulation software. Don't add borders, and don't show your painting in a simulated environment.

Never delete sold works from Gallery 247

In the physical world, if you sell an art work it's no longer in your possession. In the online world, however, retaining a record of sold works is an extremely important aspect of your portfolio and a permanent part of your body or work as an artist.

In the Internet world a potential purchaser has to take a certain leap of faith when buying on line - they cannot actually see your work. Knowing that your works sell - and seeing what works you've already sold - goes a long way to establishing confidence that a purchaser is not making a mistake.

Furthermore, seeing work that you've sold is a strong motivator for a potential purchaser to commission you to paint something similar.

Do not include email addresses, self-promotion or web addresses in your bio

Personal email addresses on the Internet are a security risk and will attract spammers or worse.

Self-promotion and advertising content in your bio makes you look like an opportunist.

Having another site's web address in your bio is strictly against our terms and conditions.

If we spot any of these examples of misuse in your bio they will be removed.

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