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Bandicoots Play - An Important Role In The Ecosystem -

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NRN # : 000-45550-0136-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 75.50 cm X Width - 60.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Acrylic on Canvas

Genre : Landscape

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Copyright : © Lynne Head-weir


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Lynne Head was born in Bundaberg, Queensland.   From an early age Lynne loved art and became an artist all her life.  Her mother who was a very good artist supported and encouraged Lynne along the way. They attended art vocation schools together.   Over a period of ten years, her first and main professional teacher was Stanislaus Rapotec, who was instrumental in developing and fostering her own unique style and introduced her into spaces for exhibiting and selling her artwork.    A prolific production of artwork continued while married and being a blessed mother of three beautiful children.  Her surname changed from ‘Head’ to ‘Maughan’.  For seven years Lynne was a student of the Flying Arts School in Bundaberg with various teachers [Mervin Moriarty, Keith Looby, Clifton Pue,  etc].  For four years on the Gold Coast, John Millington was her teacher.  Overall, during this previous twenty year period, Lynne, who was inspired mainly by Vincent Van Gough, Brett Whitley and many others, continued to exhibit and sell her artwork widely.


From 1984 and onwards, Lynne’s focus changed.  For one thing, Lynne’s surname changed again, from ‘Maughan’ to ‘Head-Weir’ due to her second marriage. 


Lynne enjoyed being involved collaboratively with the Springbrook community [Qld] creating art together and fostering unity through painting murals and providing art exhibitions.  At her art studio, Lynne also taught art to children and adults as well as facilitated creative art therapy groups.  Living amongst the rainforest and waterfalls of Springbrook, inspired Lynne to further enrich her natural creative ability and connection.  Lynne was “nourished by the Earth, healed by the Earth. The natural world told her “I will feed you, I will clothe you, I will shelter you, I will heal you”.  


Lynne embraced her thirst for knowledge and acquired a degree in Community Welfare, Graduate Diploma in Community Cultural Development, a Masters in Creative Arts Therapy and a Masters in Spiritual Direction. Her creative artwork aligns with her interests and life given purpose of finding deep meaningful testimonials. Today, her art is a form of expressive language about making visible the invisible internal world, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Lynne’s lived experiences are the underlying subject matter of her therapeutic art process of self-awareness, experiences, healing, prayer & meditation &/or social causes eg. Caring for earth, our common home.   Lynne’s typical trait, as an expressionistic artist, is to present the world from a subjective perspective, creating an emotional effect in order to evoke moods or ideas.   It is intuitive and spontaneous.   Her end products, the artwork, are shared with others in ways that hopefully bring connection and life changing experiences.  The creative Spirit of God, who can be found anywhere and in everything, is her therapist and art guide. Lynne also enjoys companioning others who are interested in receiving support in developing and enhancing this creative spiritual approach, individually or in group retreats or workshops.


Lynne has deliberately limited her choice of entering competitions because the joy comes from creating rather than winning a prize.  However, Lynne did receive a Highly Commended in the Bundaberg Annual Art Festival 1977 and recently first prize at the Royal Queensland Art Society Gallery, Broadbeach, Gold Coast in April 2023. 


Today, Lynne remains passionate about her art having attained more creative life experience and knowledge, drawing out visible interconnections with others through artwork.  William Robinson has been a great inspirational influence.  Lynne doesn’t want her art to be only for herself and aspires towards her art and others’ art to be useful and meaningful to each other and the world.



Bonython Art Gallery, Sydney; Armidale University; 3 x Allamanda Art Gallery Bundaberg; Australian Flying Arts School Exhibition, Bundaberg;  Bundaberg Annual Art Festival; Terrace Gallery, Brisbane; Sharon House, Bundaberg; The Irma La Douce, Mudgeeraba; Gold Coast City Art Exhibition; Ulmarra Gallery, Gold Coast; Ulmarra Gallery, Grafton NSW; ANA International Art Exhibition; Springbrook Art Exhibition, Gold Coast City Council; Insight Art Gallery, Springbrook; Road to Recovery Art Exhibition, Royal Queensland Art Gallery Broadbeach, Springbrook Centenary Art Exhibition, 3 x Springbrook Art Exhibitions; Craft Corner Gallery, Springbrook; 3 x Royal Queensland Art Gallery Broadbeach, Gold Coast.

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