Artist Bio: Lingyan Lu

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Artist Bio - Lingyan Lu

I'm a professional artist and studied art for both my bachelor's degree and master's degree. I went to Australia because of study at first; then I met my beloved husband here. Now, I have a loving family in Australia, which encourages me to create more beautiful artworks. I like vivid colours; most of my artworks have flowers because they are one of the beautiful things in nature. Especially the combination of birds and flowers makes me feel happy. I also like to paint portraits on digital devices. Human's faces are the more attractive part to me; that's why I only draw faces at the moment. I'm also using oil pastels a lot. Maybe I will explore more media in the future as I don't intend to do one particular style forever; I like figuring out what's the next exciting thing to me. The theme of my artworks is always happiness and beauty that could encourage people and motivate me. 

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