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Inner Calm

Description : This little work was created on a lazy summers day at Flinders in Victoria. I'm walking along the beach with a friend looking for painting inspiration and my boys are having fun jumping off the pier. We shelter from the hot sun under the cool of the pier for a while and I notice this lovely, interesting view. The pylons are creating a little window for me to look out towards the sea and sky- so beautiful and tranquil. We set up our gear in the shallows and get busy working to the sound of water lapping and distant joyous hoots and splashes of people venturing off the pier. Rising tide and easels sinking into the sand- another fun day at the office!

NRN # : 000-40868-0136-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 25.40 cm X Width - 20.32 cm )

Medium on Base : Oil on Stretched Canvas

Genre : Seascape

Status : For Sale

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Copyright : © Leanne Savory


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Painting for me is all about the experience. I love the joy and freedom I feel painting from life, nothing else exists for those moments, only the beauty of the subject that lay before me.

I remember as a child the excitement of summer holidays with my family. Heading towards N.S.W. one year and winding our way through the Yarra Valley, I had my first meeting with the Great Dividing Range. It took my breath away. I was so small peering out from the car window as the landscape rolled by, vast and majestic – something got me right in the heart and I yearned to express it. Thus began my lifelong journey of capturing those fleeting moments of beauty that surround us every day.

I am based in the gorgeous, leafy, outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne with my family and love spending time alongside other artists pottering around attempting to capture the landscape and various subjects. 

I like to work with oils in the traditional tonal method, which I have spent time learning from two wonderful teachers; Molly Roche at Ringwood Art Society and Don James at the Montsalvat Painting School. I find it soothing and peaceful. Laying the paints out in order, resting my eyes on the subject, methodically mixing tones and then diligently placing them on the canvas with as much precision as my eyes will allow me.

I am a Member of the Victorian Artists Society and have exhibited in various group exhibitions and Art shows in Warrandyte, Ringwood, St Kilda, Vermont and Warranwood as well as an informal viewing with the Montsalvat painters in Italy.

It has been a long journey to oil painting for me, life has taken me along many roads; wife to my sweet heart from 18 and mother of three gorgeous boys, homemaker, trader, graphic artist, seamstress, toymaker, organiser, bushwalker, yoga teacher, anthroposophist, knitter, aromatherapist, skydiver, adventure seeker. From the jungles of the amazon, to the midnight dome in Alaska, sampling the best pizza in Italy, stone circles in the UK, lazy canoe rides on the Yukon river, walking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, walking many, many miles around my beautiful island home, and all the while art has been my constant companion, calling me home to take up brushes with all the exuberance of that wide eyed young girl that gazed longingly out upon the landscape and determined to paint it.

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