Artist Bio: Leanne Purins

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Artist Bio - Leanne Purins

Leanne is following her long held creative passion to become a painter. She holds a PhD in science and spent many years in scientific research and now is a full time Medical Scientist. In the last few years she has realised that it was time to uphold her promise to her self that she would get back to art after giving it up in highschool to pursue science.

She has been voraciously learning from the generous artists who share their knowledge on the web and in 2020 was fortunate to find Cristina Metelli's in person, local workshop. It was here that Leanne learnt how to use oil paints and really forged ahead with guidance from Cristina and the lovely support from her new art friends.

Leanne is inspired by the light and beauty she sees around every corner and is enthusiastic to tackle many subjects but flowers in the garden or as still life are certainly one of her loves. She is currently aiming to develop a loose, painterly, representational style

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