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Perfect Imperfection

Description : A reflection on society's pursuit of perfection in all things. The discovery of a decaying leaf, still beautiful, and an apparent disaster which turned into a success ,, led to this painting which celebrates the perfect imperfection of each one of us, and the amazing results which cab be achieved if we don't give up at the first set back. 'Perfect Imperfection' - During a bushwalk with my 4 yo granddaughter, we discovered an amazing leaf, almost perfect with its delicate tracery of veins. Inspired, I created a spider web of filigree lines in metallic paint to simulate the veins of the leaf. All was going well until disaster struck by way of the background colour running across the metallic leaf. I thought all was lost until I rethought my original plans and created the piece you see here, where the leaf has been ravaged by nature and the elements. Still beautiful in its 'Imperfect Perfection' - perhaps even more so. It made me stop and think how in our society we often strive for perfection, not seeing the true beauty of our own 'Imperfect Perfection,' or give up when things go wrong. Maybe it's time to stop striving and celebrate being YOU in all your glorious imperfection! Created in metallic and non metallic Watercolour

NRN # : 000-43222-0217-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 41.80 cm X Width - 29.50 cm )

Medium on Base : Watercolour on Paper

Genre : Plant Life

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Copyright : © Kathryn Lee


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Born in the UK, I am a self-taught artist living in Australia.

I began painting at the start of Covid, having a passion for arts and crafts.

Completing a City and Guilds Textiles Course, I emigrated to Sydney in 1986 - there I discovered ceramics. In 1995 my work was exhibited and sold at the Sydney Art Show, and Sydney stores.

Injury forced a successful change to resin art before discovering and falling in love with watercolour. I completed 16+ online certificated art courses to incrrease my skills, and my work evolved from loose flowing to more detailed work, pet portraits, commissions, alcohol ink, charcoal and pastels.

I draw inspiration from Australian flora and fauna, wildlife around the world, and interesting landscapes. Colour is a source of joy and motivation to me.

My paintings have been accepted into art shows, art competitions and awards. I was selected to participate in The Australian Watercolour Muster 2021, and invited to take part in the 6th Annual INternational Salon of Painting at the Menuinda Schneider Gallery in LA. I have also been a featured guest artist on an art website, and my artworks hang in many private homes. Commissions are welcomed.

My website launched in 2020 and I am on Instagram

My aim is to bring affordable, original art within reach of the average Australian family, and to encourage children to experience the joy to be found in creativity. See more of my artworks at

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