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This Is A Map

Description : Ink( pen+ marker) on card _ Framed and ready to hang

NRN # : 000-39705-0165-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 32.00 cm X Width - 42.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Ink on Paper

Genre : Abstract

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Copyright : © Kate Shakerian


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My name is Kate. I am the founder of By Kate Art and the creator of New Detailed Abstract Style. I am a self-taught freelance artist based in Adelaide, Australia. My drawings and paintings are extremely detailed and intricate. I started professional painting about ten years ago. After immigrating to Australia I began to further develop my style.

If someone asks me about my work, I can only answer "it is about everything !" My paintings Express my daily life and my wishes and dreams of utopia. They celebrate happy occasions, sad times, friendship,nature,people, music and many other things.

Pigment ink,ink and acrylic color are the usual mediums of my paintings and drawings.

At first glance,most of my paintings look like many tiny abstract shapes that are connecting or getting separated all over the surface.However when you look closely,you get a sense of harmony and the hidden meaning within each peace.

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