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Banksia Banquet

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NRN # : 000-36548-0195-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 80.00 cm X Width - 95.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Watercolour on Paper

Genre : Animals

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On Display At : BUY NOW Koopmans Gallery

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Copyright : © Julie Reason


I am primarily a Watercolour artist  living at the Southern Grampians, Victoria. My artistic journey started by completing studies in Art at school. Inspired by both Italian and French masters. Having no formal training my early works consisted of graphite sketches of works by Renaissance artists.  During my teens A graphite drawing was shortlisted from Australia Wide entries in the 1975 Faber Castell for exhibition in Sydney, this early achievement inspired me in my pursuit of art.

   The love of nature is  obvious in all my works and over time iv'e gone  from graphite into watercolour and now to oils.  I have had great success in shows in Australia and overseas and am currently a member of various Botanical Art and Wildlife Art Groups including Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Botanic Artist Society of Australia, Wildlife Artist Society of Australia and others.    Botanical art is a large part of my artistic life,  but not exclusively.  

An attention to detail is prominent in my all my work,  Looking so closely at living things you are suddenly aware of how complex, breathtaking and precious nature is,   studying birds with their personalities and movement is a challenge I enjoy.

Living at the foot of the Grampians is an inspiration with such a wide variety of wildlife, birds and botanical subjects.

I have won many Awards and have accepted various Commissions.   Most of my works are in private collections around Australia and Overseas

Membership of Art Organisation

FRBG-Friends of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne

BASA- Botanical Artists Society of Australia

WASA- Wildlife artists Society of Australia

Works have been exhibited with these groups and various others.

Other Exhibitions and notable Awards

Many and various Highly commended

2010 Melton art show – highly commended -Botanical

2011 Ocean Grove art show – Best Painting 

2012 Exhibited at the Art of the Botanical, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne

2014 Exhibited work" Chrysanthamums" chosen FRBG 2014 calendar

2013 Exhibited at BASA 

2014 Peninsula Art Show- Best Watercolour

2015 Peninsula Art Show  - Best Watercolour

2016 Flinders art show - Best Flora and Fauna

2019 Coleraine Art & Photography Show - Honourable mention ( The Meeting Place)

2019 Coleraine Art & Photography Show - Honourable Mention ( Palm Cockatoos)

2019 Penshurst Art Show - Best in Show 

2019 Hamilton Art Show  - Best Local Artist

2019 Australian Watercolour Muster & International Fabriano in Aquarello,  catalogue only, 1 of 33 from Australia touring                           Italy in may 2020 for Fabriano in Aquarello Exibition   

2019 Portland Art Show - Best Still Life

2019 Portland Art Show - Highly Commended

Artshow: Peninsula Art Show 2015
Award: Best Watercolour
Artshow: Flinders art show 2016
Award: Best Flora and Fauna
Artshow: Ocean Grove Art Show 2011
Award: Best Painting
Artshow: Penshurst Art Show 2019
Award: Best in show
Artshow: Australian Watercolour Muster 2019
Title: Apostle Birds
Award: Hanging at the Gala Cocktail Party and Auction in Brisbane. Included in 'Catalogue Only' FabrianoInAcquarello - Italy May 2020
Artshow: Portland Art Show 2019
Title: Iris Valley Of Dreams
Award: Best Still Life
Artshow: Penshurst Art Show 2019
Title: Thoroughbred
Award: Best in Show
Artshow: Portland Art Show 2019
Title: Palm Cockatoos
Award: Highly commended
Artshow: Flinders Art Show 2016
Title: Clematis
Award: Best Flora /Fauna
Artshow: Penshurst Art Show 2021
Title: White Faced Heron
Award: Best in Show
Artshow: Hamilton North art Show 2019
Title: Uninvited
Award: Best Local Artist
Artshow: Ocean Grove Art Show 2011
Title: Owls
Award: Best in Show
Artshow: Peninsula Art Show 2015
Title: Fuschia
Award: Best Watercolour
Artshow: Featured in the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne Calender 2014
Title: Chrysanthemum
Artshow: Flinders Art Show 2016
Title: Clematis 2
Award: Best Flora /Fauna










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