Artist Bio: Judi McDonald

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Artist Bio - Judi McDonald

A Melbourne based artist who loves nature, travel and family.

My abstract art is layers added and removed to build  an intuitive based image, splashed of color, perhaps an image here and there. When I start, I do not have an image in mind to what it will look like.  Each painting is a journey in itself to an end that is unknown, until a picture emerges and resolves itself. 

Playing with the colors, with texture and with structure, my aim is evoke emotions and introspection.

My photography is about finding beauty in the mundane.  It's about looking at things in a different way, looking through the eyes of wonder that we lost when we were children.  

With all my art, it is about embracing the journey through life and learning to see the beauty hidden within the everyday.

My Artshow Awards

Artshow: The Kinglake Art Show 2021
Title: Life Is A Highway
Prize: $100

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