Artist Bio: John Parker

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Artist Bio - John Parker

Drawing and painting has always been a passion since I can't remember when. I was always regarded the best drawer in the class from primary school onwards, winning prizes, but I never really pursued the path of being a full time artist. I have never been to an art school but always continued developing skills through my adult life being self taught, trying to avoid falling into someone else's style. I would not advise the path I took but it has been an interesting journey attempting different techniques beginning with the humble pencil. Through the years I have had a go at many mediums, watercolour, acrylic, crayon, chalk, airbrush, felt tip pen, indian ink and even computer art. I did not really work in oils until relatively late in my life, but I have put more time and effort into using oils than in any other medium, except pencil and watercolour.

My Grandfather in England encouraged me from a very young age to draw and then introduced me to watercolours. It was at this point, after arriving in Australia over fifty years ago, looking back, that I should have had lessons in this very demanding medium. But I learnt the long way and drove myself forward to improve my skills. I joined an art gallery in Ferntree Gully over twenty years ago and managed to stage two solo exhibitions selling a number of paintings then came the GFC and no one was buying paintings. During this time my family and I moved to Torquay and since then I have been directing my efforts into oils and learning techniques finding that it is never to late to learn.

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