Artist Bio: Joe Faust

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Artist Bio - Joe Faust

Joe Faust (1959, Proserpine, Australia) Joe's interest in painting began in his final year at boarding school Toowoomba Queensland, he chose to study art. Initially, Joe worked with acrylics, however,after joining a local art group, he discovered the rewarding medium of oils. After a hiatus of twenty years, Joe resumed his creative avenues in 2009.

Most of Joe's paintings are intuitively expressed either from memory or using his own reference photographs from surrounding travels. Joe achieves his interpretation generously applying layers of paint through skillful brush, palette knife, squeegee and brayer techniques. Texture is an important part for scrapping, mark making and glazing and are often included in the finished work. Joe paints in oil paint and cold wax on canvas and board.

The landscapes that emerge have a contemporary quality, inviting the viewer in for their own interpretation and story.

My Influences

Julie Andrews Art, Joe Furlonger, Caspar David Frederich, J.M.W.Turner,Arthur Boyd,Rusell Drysdale, Margaret Olley, Clarice Beckett

My Artshow Awards

Artshow: Bowen Art Society
Title: Shrouds Of Snow
Award: 1st Prize Section 1 Open (Aquisitive)
Sponsor: S&W Crane Hire
Prize: $1000.00

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