Artist Bio: Janet Rodger

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Artist Bio - Janet Rodger

Based in Bayside Melbourne and inspired by artistic parents, I have always been creative, drawing and sewing from an early age. Until recently, motherhood and a career as an Accountant and CEO took priority. In late 2023 I transitioned into art full-time, revelling in the time and space to devote myself fully to my art practice; to explore, play and learn. 

Abstract painting has become my focus. My style is intuitive, I do my best to step out of the way and allow the painting to unfold in front of me. I like to build up the layers of interest and play with the dance of colour, texture and shape to add richness and depth to my pieces. Through my gentle, softly colourful and happy paintings I hope to evoke a sense of joy, abundance and connection.

My Influences

In our world of multi-media, Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram, it easy to be exposed to a huge variety of art, artists and creative explorers. How incredible it is to have that opportunity! There are so many artists that I follow and I have completed a variety of online and offline courses with my favorites. The standouts for me are Nicholas Wilton, Louise Fletcher, Suzanne Allard, Betty Franks, Laura Horn, Alice Sheridan, Jodie King, Clair Bremner, Sarah Stokes, Kirsten Jackson and Sarah Van Dongen to name just a few. Then there are the masters, Monet, Manet and Cezanne. The fauvists, including Henri Matisse. Abstract Expressionists including Helen Frankenthaler. Perhaps the standout for me is David Hockney. I just adore everything he does, his colors, his composition, his use of perspective...amazing and inspiring! My favorite works of his are the Yorkshire UK series - so gorgeous!

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