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Paris In Winter

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NRN # : 000-42951-0154-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 35.00 cm X Width - 25.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Acrylic on Wood

Genre : Streetscape

Status : For Sale

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Copyright : © Geoffrey Pannell


Framed: $470
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Outside Australia: $100.00
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I started drawing at a very young age, mostly from comic books. My parents were convinced I was tracing the images until I drew Donald Duck while they watched. It was always an escape for me to draw, I loved it. I enrolled in a course with Paul Rigby, the cartoonist. This was great fun. 

At High School I choose Art over agriculture . I started to paint. This has always been a bit tricky as I am colour blind, so my choice of colour has been interesting to say the least. My Art teacher in second year High School was a bit of a prick! Always gave me grief about colour. One day as he was walking behind me as I was nearly finished a painting he said, "That would be really good ,if it was completely  different!" 

I didnt paint again for 40 + years! I kept my hand in pen and ink , but didnt take up a brush again. 

Last year during Covid lockdown I picked up a brush and painted my first work since 1976  .

I stumbled across a Bob Ross video and have been hard at it since. During lock down I was painting two or three a day. My friends liked them and I gave quite a few away. Then people started buying them!!! 

I am exploring different techniques all the time trying to work out how to portray what I see, sometimes it works better than others , but it is the journey of discovery that I like the most.  

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