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Brighter Days In Mat Board 30 X 42 Cms

Description : Alcohol ink on yupo paper. These inks are so vibrant and I love to sit down and let these inks flow with my emotions. This piece represents my brighter emotions. It is lively and fun and it is available in the mat board so you can choose your own frame. If you would like me to frame it please talk to me before purchasing.

NRN # : 000-42802-0304-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 21.00 cm X Width - 29.70 cm )

Medium on Base : Other Medium on Paper

Genre : Impressionist

Status : Not Currently for Sale Online


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Copyright : © Elizabeth Whyte


After some formal art training in 2007, I painted prolifically in oils and acrylics. Art was an important and ever present part of my life until a diagnosis of breast cancer turned everything upside down. Even after treatment, I felt like I’d lost that part of myself and I didn’t pick up a brush, pencil or charcoal for 13 years. 
At the start of the COVID 19 pandemic, a number of synchronistic events occurred which brought me back to art. Firstly, I saw an alcohol ink art painting wihich fascinated and intrigued me. Then, I lost my job and decided, that given my ongoing and episodic health issues due to Multiple Scleroris (which I was diagnosed with at the age 20), I would refocus and seek a life more satisfying, meaningful and healthy (and inherently less stressful). 
I started working and developing my skills with alcohol inks and now I have found my niche. I get delightfully lost in my art and feel that this is where I’m meant to be! In addition I’ve found a rhythm and way of working that takes account of and respects my medical issues, rather than fights it (which my professional life did).
I feel my life experiences are reflected in my artwork as it comes from deep inside of me and allows me to reconnect different aspects of self. 
I never know what I'm about to paint. I put a few drops of alcohol and ink on the paper and see where it takes me. At times I create pieces which reflect joy, light and optimism while others touch on trauma and sadness.
In addition, I get great joy from the pleasure my art brings to others as well as the fact that the owner of each piece can use it to connect with themselves and their own life experiences.
To date my commissions have included pieces to suit particular rooms and decors as well as those to reflect specific moods.
I’m happy to discuss your ideas and needs. 
I am delighted to have found this fulfilment and passion. 


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