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A Brazier Full Of Lemons

Description : None

NRN # : 000-39390-0154-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 61.00 cm X Width - 61.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Oil on Canvas

Genre : Still Life

Status : Sold

Copyright : © Ela Hardy


ELA HARDY            


Oil Painting is Ela’s passion.

Having dabbled with all other mediums, she loves the richness and the depth that can be obtained with oil paint, and the way it comes to life on the canvas.   Ela is most interested in still life, especially big, ripe, juicy fruit and loves to add a touch of surrealism to her paintings.


She has spent the last 12 years being taught many techniques by several very experienced teachers and has successfully exhibited each year in local exhibitions and at several venues. 

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