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Description : In the Abyss of the ocean there is so much to explore. Light and shade plays a massive part of survival. The creatures that live beneath have complicated systems designed to live in the most difficult eco system on the planet. Their appearance plays a big part in their survival. The firefly squid, also known as the sparkling enope squid, is a species of squid in the family Enoploteuthidae. It is the sole species in the monotypic genus Watasenia. When tens of thousands of them come together they create a stunning electric-blue display that is one of the most arresting and colourful marvels on Earth.
From March to June, these tiny bioluminescent cephalopods ignite the 14km-long shoreline of Toyama Bay
They rise from the inky dark waters. This is their reproductive time, and a party, rave like session takes place, until their fun is cut short and they are caught in Man’s nets. Their fate defined on Restaurant tables.
Growing up in Papua New Guinea and North Queensland, I have always had an affinity for the Sea. After seeing a David Attenborough documentary on Bioluminescent-cephalopods some years ago. It has ignited a fascination for me of these remarkable creatures of the deep. It is my intention to create an exhibition that has to be seen in a darkened room, to fully appreciate how these creatures live in the dark. This artwork is one of a few I have already completed in my goal of a full exhibition. I feel it is an artist’s duty to see beauty in the world, where other’s may not, and bring it into the spotlight.

NRN # : 000-40142-0141-01

DIMENSIONS : (Height - 93.00 cm X Width - 150.00 cm )

Medium on Base : Oil on Canvas

Genre : Contemporary

Status : For Sale


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Donna Gibb Artist CVDonna Gibb is Australia's Live artist, and paints at exclusive events. Donna regularly has celebrities, sporting stars, and identities add to her canvas. The painting is created live on stage in just a few hours before being auctioned for charity. Her artwork has raised close to half a million dollars, with individual pieces going for uo to $30K a piece. She has painted live on Seven's Sunrise, Channel 9's Today show and CRiverfire broadcast, and Sky Channel. She has also tuaght art classes for over 25 years, where she is passionate about people painting what inspires them, and bringing out their individual style of art. Her experience has lead her to have the unique abiity to paint in a variety of genres. She has private and coroprate collectors. Most of her artwork is commissioned. 
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