Artist Bio: Danni-Jean Neal

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Artist Bio - Danni-Jean Neal

I am a self taught, emerging artist who loves turning everyday items into something unexpected. My work incorporates a mix of discarded, second hand & new objects and polymer clay. I'm frequently found in the local scrapyard, eco-shop and op shop looking for anything I can pull apart down to it's components and use to create something truly unique and special. 

My creative process is mostly initiated by pareidolia when looking at an object and seeing a finished image in my mind. I might see an electrical component that reminds me of a sloth’s paw, and I will build an image around that. Other times, I'll find an abundance of one item and create something just out of that. 

I let these ideas guide the creation of my work, making each piece a bit quirky and surprising. I'm fascinated by the beauty of circuit boards, the shapes in an old dvd player, rusty aged metal and the colours found in nature and I love to share that with others. 

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