Artist Bio: Dan Armstrong

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Artist Bio - Dan Armstrong

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After pursuing carpentry as a school leaver, restless feet have led me to every continent except Antarctica, and have walked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, inside the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and atop Uluru. A subsequent career in mining led me to WA and the NT before I returned to Victoria as a new father, where I ended up also caring for my mother after an assault left her with a severe brain injury. As carer, I was able to complete a Degree in Psychology from Deakin University aged 37, before my mother eventually succumbed during my Honours year. Collectively, these life experiences gave birth to an intense spiritual journey and quest for meaning and purpose. With a new love, my wife Angie, we escaped to rural Victoria in 2017 and transformed our modest property into both a sanctuary for our souls, and a safe space for our creative freedoms to flourish. We live here with our respective studios, craftsman's workshop, veggie garden, rescue cats, and my son. With Angie’s nurturing and guidance, it is here that I found art.

The Journey so far:

I am an artist, author, craftsman, and sculptor, but my artistic journey began where I was most familiar: working with timber (I’m sorry, I just can’t say wood – wood is the stuff you put in a fire!) After building studios, a workshop, and a garden, I began creating and have sold from our Etsy store 300+ timber crafts to every state and territory in Australia, and also to Europe and North America. While my hands were busy, an inner voice began demanding expression and I moved to writing. At present I have nearly a dozen works in various stages, including a completed, but as yet unpublished, 130,000 word novel. Still, there were things that I couldn’t appropriately express, even in writing, which is when I began creating timber sculpture and then, finally, paintings on canvas. 

To wit, I am an abstract artist, and my purpose in creating an artwork is to convey a deeper emotion, philosophy, spirituality, or poignant message. At times I have used structure and rigidity in an attempt to break down the very structure, rigidity, and convention that I perceive as serving to strangle creativity and expression. However, I will also employ expressive abstracts full of texture to convey other emotions and occasionally an abstracted or impressionist landscape for the purpose of allegory.

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