Will your School Art Show be a success?



We have proven that providing the Art Show committees are prepared to follow our recommendations the event will be a success returning the budgeted funding to the school.

It is a working event and enthusiastic engagement by the Art Show committee going forward will guarantee the future and ongoing success of your Art Show.



What is required to get the Art Show underway?






Your Opening Night

The accumulation of the Art Show planning will be your opening night event which is the opportunity to maximize sales, cement sponsorships, enthuse the community and  create an environment where support is forthcoming and benefits flow from word of mouth promotion via all the visitors.






Who are We?


Gallery 247 is a division of Art Concepts Pty Ltd

Our management system for supporting Art Shows has been developed from hands on experience in successfully running Art Shows.

Our management process eclipses all the aspects of running a successful art show.

Gallery 247 can justify claim to be the foremost provider of art show management systems in Australia.


What's Next:


Key benefits of holding a School Art Show


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